Homebrew Hub is the result of a huge commitment and sustained effort started in 2015 by the gbdev community. Here follows a non comprehensive list of who contributed or helped in any way to make this possible.


Virens, the Homebrew Hub frontend your browser is executing right now, is powered by NuxtJS3, VueJS3. The UI is made with PrimeVue, PrimeFlex, PrimeIcons and fragments originally from Sakai Vue.
The backend , serving the API feeding content into this UI is a Django Rest Framework application. The API is public and you can find out more about how you can use it in your projects here.
The games archive is maintained and built by the community through public git repositories and the datasets are released as open data. Come contribute!
The GB/GBC emulation is provided by Binjgb, running in the browser through a webassembly build.
The GBA emulation is provided by mGBA, running in the browser through a webassembly build.

Everything just listed is released as open source software. Go check out the github repository, contribute and show your support to their awesome maintainers.


Each entry and related asset is owned by the respective developers and authors. Please check out the entry details for the license terms under which they are released.

Legacy special thanks

Acknowlodgements from the original version of Homebrew Hub in Node, developed between 2017 and 2019: