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API documentation

Version 0.1-alpha1
Base API URL: https://gbhh.avivace.com/api
Base Assets URL: https://gbhh.avivace.com/database/entries


GET /discord
Online users of the Discord Server
Example response payload:
GET /info
General info on the Homebrew Hub database, such as total game count
Example response payload:
GET /homebrews?page=n
Accepts a query string page. If omitted, it returns the first page.
Returns a paginated object, containing: Example response payload:
	 "tags":["Open Source","Puzzle"],
If you prepend https://gbhh.avivace.com/database/entries/PERMALINK/ to the screenshots and rom values, you have fetch-able URL for those resources.

E.g., from the example payload: https://gbhh.avivace.com/database/entries/2048gb/2048.gb gives you the game ROM.